• CAD and 3D design: electromechanical components for manuals

The partnerships we start and take care of are more of “silmple” consulency activities.

In the past months we were challenged with the creation of efficient solutions for a relevant enterprise in the field of agricultural machinery, a client which trusted us with the organization and management of certain activities.

We started, with great results, a co-sourcing project which, starting with the recruiting and validation of a dedicated team, has allowed our client to free some internal resources and to move them to coordinating roles.

The project​

Starting with a head-hunting process, we built a team of CAD and 3D design specialists which get the technical documentation of the client’s products and then explode, relocate and name every electromechanical component.

The references (name, technical indications) of each element are then associated with the parts on different projects which are then finalized and inserted in dedicated manuals.

Our provision​

We have sharpened the skills which allow us to choose the young experts who have the knowledge and the qualities which are required to provide an excellent service.

We personally take care of the lining-up and the validation of competences by selecting the best resources and make them work in our offices, under the supervision of expert team leaders.

The stability of the field consents us to guarantee a good amount of top level resources: we are able to accurately select some of the best specialist in a very short time.