Servizi BPO per le aziende di e-commerce

Thanks to our philosophy we build it, we run it, and to the expertises we have developed through the years with clients and partners belonging to different business areas, we are able to offer high level

outsourcing services to businesses which operate in the online sales.

We provide tools and resources for customer care services, and thanks to our CRM platform coreBOS Evolutivo we are able to collect and organize all the data related to each interaction with the costumers.

Nonetheless, we select the resources which operate on every different project with our clients, to ensure that each employee responds to their specific needs.

Spike offers real flexibility, by guaranteeing the possibility to expand or reduce the number of resources according to necessity.

E-commerce services full outsourcing: why choose it?

We minimize the time and the resources which are necessary to select and train the customer care teammembers: Spike takes care of the entire project, allowing its clients to readdress his internal resourceson other business needs.

Spike’s full outsourcing covers 100% of the technological and human processes: the infrastructure, the applications and their management are designed and implemented according to the effective needs of our clients.


For some years now we manage the BO processes of our clients and partners, perfecting vertical integrated solutions whose development and management are handled by the same resources, so that every implementation request is delivered quickly.

We are able to take care of the whole informative system, by making it lighter and easily accessible in each part.

Evolutivo is an extremely flexible and customizable CRM software, a powerful web-based tool easily accessible for the operator and for the client.


Back office, help desk, application management: in our near-shore offices, a constantly growing staff takes care of the customer care management for different clients.

Language and informatics skills, academic and professional training make our operators some extremely valuable resources, who are able to deliver high level services which are targeted towards a client- centric business vision.

Our Innovation department develops applications which aim to the collection in a single place of all the information related to each customer: not only emails and IM, but all the phone calls information are stored in the system, offering a whole and updated vision of every process.

Our contact center operators have previous experience in the inbound and outbound marketing areas and are able to communicate fluently in different languages.

Our operators can, if needed, take care of customer satisfaction tasks: that way, the services’ quality is intended to improve progressively.