You imagine it, we run it.

Spike Group is a collaborative and cooperative consultancy, digital and process outsourcing ecosystem that combines the know-how of a few selected of partners business consultants, accountants, digital consultants, marketing agencies and much more to offer a turnkey solution to business needs.

Our services are the result of 15 years of project experience in all sectors in which we make use of regulatory laws and knowledge of technology to meet individual needs.

Our Mission

We are globally recognized innovative company, with a mission to help businesses accelerate the adoption of new technologies and cope with inevitable changes during digital evolution, whether it is a new project to solve complex issues and simplify business processes for the intent to increase efficiency and productivity.

The Group work with a number of European and African partners for the provision of IT services.

We are not a mere product Supplier

Spike Group is more than just a mere product supplier. We are going extra miles by leading the way in creating innovative technical solutions for our clients and partners from varies business sectors. We are providing a wide range of solutions from consultation and design to implementation.

Our key feature is to provide technical support and training to our valuable customers

Outstanding standby service support team is there to solve any issues that arise.

The Spike Group is made up of skilful, best talented and experienced staff with a desire to work collaboratively with our partners and client companies in achieving business goals.


The main activities of the group are:

  • The digitization of business processes through the Business process management suite to aids processes improvement life cycle from start to end ā€“ from process discovery, definition, design, implementation, monitoring, and analysis.

  • Outsourcing of those processes, whereby we offer Collaborative planning, Strategic innovation and Operative excellence while governed by data analysis to improve business processes in both technology platforms and also in outsourcing processes.

    All processes management can be handled by a dedicated team which operates in our offices.

  • Among other things, we provide software development, customer care services, reverse logistics and help desk.

The Collectives

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Spike Labs

A 360 partner for the implementation of complex projects, creating dedicated company vehicles or entering the share capital of existing ones.


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Is the Spike branch dedicated to the creation of IT platforms for the digitization of processes and the integration of systems.


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Accelerate the business through outsourcing solutions, in the field of E-commerce, Customer care, Marketing automation and general back-office activities.


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Synthesis Solutions

Established 15 years ago, Synthesis solutions is the set of key solutions in the areas of IT, Legal advice and Digital everywhere.Can solve everyday business problems.